Shamrock run races off tomorrow to benefit Tipp Hill community

Shamrock Run benefits local community.

Down the street from the green on top traffic light in Tipperary Hill, the Shamrock Race kicks off tomorrow at 10:00 am. Two of the more than 3,500 runners are racing for the first time on Tipp Hill.

Bryan Perry and Patrick Cassidy have been running together for more than 15 years. "I play softball for the blarney stones, a lot of my friends hang out on tip hill, some of them live right down the street from Coleman's. We're really connected to the area and we thought it'd be really cool to do a race right around our home town," says Perry. "I try and pace about seven minutes a mile, I used to run a 5k a day."

"I'm a national guardsman, so I figured this was a good opportunity to do some running, some PT work, so I figured why not come out and run the four miles, have a good time with it," says Cassidy.

By running in this event, both Bryan and Patrick are helping to raise over $30,000 for the Tipp Hill community. This is done through the registration fee for the race. It starts at $20 in advance and goes up to $35 on race day. This goes into the local food pantry, zoo and a scholarship for one area high school student.

Janice McKenna is the Presidents for the Tipp Hill Neighborhood Association. "The money that we raise goes to the neighborhood, we have seven gardens that we plant every year, we also support non-profit organizations in the neighborhood," says McKenna.

Eileen McAndrew is the Chair of the Shamrock Run. "What's great about our course is that it's many different types of runners, you've got the elite that really like our challenging course and want to get that time, but then you also have people that live in this neighborhood who want to enjoy the atmosphere," says McAndrew.