Shaving, reading, eating: Driver behaviors that will shock you

We've all heard about the problems of aggressive driving and distracted driving. They've become major problem in recent years. If you've never been shocked by something you've seen on the road, you probably will be after reading this.

Over the next few days, Manlius Police will be cracking down on aggressive driving. They'll be out in force looking for people speeding, tailgating, failing to stop at stop signs and red lights, failing to yield the right of way to pedestrians and talking on their cell phones.

So we wondered, what are some of the most egregious violations police see? To find out, we touched base with several local police agencies to find out what some of the craziest things they've seen on the road.

Manlius Police say they've seen everything from people putting on make-up to eating a cheeseburger. Syracuse police caught someone using a portable curling iron. And this one is hard to believe: police say they actually saw someone chopping nuts on their dashboard. When they pulled her over, the woman told them she was getting the nuts ready to make a sundae.

And if you thought that one was hard to top, listen to this... Onondaga County 911 dispatchers tell us they got a call once about someone engaging in sexual activity while driving.

In Oswego, police tell us they've caught people reading newspapers while driving and even using electric razors behind the wheel. A few months ago, we reported a story about a woman accused of smoking a bong while driving.

According to government estimates, distracted driving accounted for 20 percent of injury crashes in 2009. Of those killed in a distracted-driving crash, 995 involved reports of cell phone use. Clearly, it's a huge problem in this country.

Distractions can include everything from using a cell phone, eating and drinking, using a navigation system, reading and grooming.

Aggressive driving is the other big problem. An estimated 13,000 people were injured or killed since 1990 in crashes caused by aggressive drivers.

Weaving, tailgating and unsafe lane changes are some of the things that can put the rest of us at risk.

Whether it's distracted or aggressive driving, you've probably seen unsafe drivers on the road. Do you report them?

Here's what some of you are saying on CNY Central's Facebook page:

Tracey Joy Jones Reisch: "...the drivers in CNY are horrible! I've seen a woman with her cell phone wedged into her steering wheel (she ended up going the wrong way down a one-way street), numerous people using the center turning lane to turn RIGHT, people not using the turning lane and instead turning left across FIVE lanes of traffic..."

Cristel Creveling-Powers: "...Motorcyclists who feel that they do not have to follow the rules of the road (popping wheelies, driving between cars stopped in traffic, tailgating and swerving from side to side behind cars they are waiting to pass, then take off like...a bullet, and fly down the highway at least 90 mph). These things send me flying! Then they blame motorists for not seeing them as the reason why some get killed on the road. I respect bikers, just not the stupid ones!"

Recently, I spotted someone on their I-pad while driving with no hands on the steering wheel. What are the craziest things you've ever seen? Will these aggressive driving and distracted driving campaigns work? Is there anything police agencies can do to combat these problems? Leave your thoughts below.