She was the focus of so many prayers across Central New York.

Jenna and Brandon Hinman


he was the focus of so many prayers across Central New York.

From those who knew Jenna Hinman to complete strangers. Thousands of people are sending messages of love to the Hinman family, as they grieve the loss of this young wife, mother and daughter.

Friends of Jenna Hinman took to Facebook this morning posting, "She fulfilled her role as a mother in a way almost no one else could have. Her body took the blow and saved her children."

These words are reaching tens of thousands of people including Keri Gillespie who lost her own son a few months ago. "How I wish I could have done what Jenna did. I am in awe of what God's plan for her was. I don't doubt that she wishes she could be here to raise those two beautiful girls, but I also don't doubt that she would rather they be here if a choice had to be made," says Gillespie.

She's not alone as thousands of strangers reach out to the Hinman family.

Julie writes, "Jenna beat cancer, saved her babies and is standing with God, victorious over death."

Some were even expressing sympathy from across the country.

"It must be terribly hard for you, her friends as well. Jenna indeed won where most lose. Blessings to you all from a stranger in Virginia."