Sheena Morris' death still ruled a suicide after second investigation

Despite her family's belief that Sheena Morris was murdered five years ago, Florida law enforcement officials say the evidence still points to suicide.

Clay-native Morris was found dead in January of 2009 in a Bradenton Beach hotel room. At the time, her death was ruled a suicide.

Her parents have spent the past five years trying to convince police that Morris was murdered, calling for a bigger investigation. The homicide division chief said Wednesday that none of the evidence collected during the investigation points to homicide.

Morris' family does not agree with the findings.

Originally, the family thought that Morris' boyfriend had killed her. Now, her mother, Kelly Osborn, says he is not to blame but should not have left her alone in the room.

Osborn hired a private investigator to look into the case, who said her daughter was killed. Law enforcement does not agree, and a prosecutor investigating the case says no charges will be filed.

While her family does not feel justice has been served, Osborn said she is glad they took a second look at the case.