Sherrill mom writes blog about raising two children with autism

Sherrill mom writes blog "No Fear May Flee" about raising four children, including two with autism.

For many moms like Diane Brown of Sherrill, life is a balancing act. However, it rings even more true for her as she cares for four children, two who have autism.

"On one hand I have two children with very special needs and on the other hand I have two other children who are perfectly typical," says Brown.

A year and a half ago, she started documenting her experiences in an online blog called "No Fear May Flee." She describes how her first son, Connor, would have meltdowns and she would blame herself. It wasn't until her second son, Spencer was born that she realized something was wrong.

"Within a few months, I realized there was something very different with Connor's development. I was the same mother, loving the two of them equally yet the two boys were so incredibly different," says Brown.

Connor's Autism diagnosis came as a relief, but as he grew older and stronger, his outbursts became dangerous for the family.

"He would attack me, he would pull my hair, he would bite, he would attack his siblings, he would attack his father. It was unpredictable," says Brown.

Connor, now 17, lives at a local residential facility where he's under constant supervision. He's been living there since he was 12 Years Old.

However, his younger brother Xander, who's also autistic, is much different He uses an i-pad to communicate with his family and his calm demeanor makes him more manageable than his older brother.

Meanwhile, Brown has turned to writing to cope with her emotions.

"Some of them are very easy to write, they come very easily, some are very difficult. They're painful for me to write and some are very painful for others to read also," says Brown.

For this busy mom, writing is therapy and by sharing her struggles and joys, she hopes to shed some light on a condition many people don't understand.

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