Sherrill woman says she isn't allowed to visit son's gravesite

A Sherrill woman claims she was thrown out of cemetery because it was closed for the winter.

As Joann Albro dealt with the grief of losing her son, she often went to his gravesite and talked out loud about all the things she would thought he would want to know. She found solace in sharing her life with him.

"I go up four or five times a week and talk to him about what's going on with the family," said Albro on Friday.

42 year old Bruce Albro drowned last year in Oneida and was buried at Valley View cemetery. Last week his mother was sitting by his grave when she was told her almost daily visits would have to stop.

"A car came up behind me and the guy said - ma'am, you can't be in here. I said what do you mean? Well we're closed for the winter."

When Albro called for more information, she says she was told it was cemetery policy and she could have her son's body moved if she wanted to.

"And that just made me feel even madder - that's some solution," said Albro.

CNYCentral's calls to Valley View cemetery were not returned on Friday. Joann Albro says she can't understand why the cemetery would block people from seeing their loved ones. Albro says she asked if she could walk to her son's gravesite on days that the cemetery roadways were clear but she was told that wouldn't be allowed either.

"I don't know how anybody can do that when you're really hurting," said Albro with tears in her eyes. "I just miss him so much."

She wrote a letter to the Oneida Daily Dispatch newspaper with hopes that the policy would change.

"I just wanted people to know how I felt. It was like he was taken away from me again because I couldn't even go see him in the cemetery."