Ship aground in Thousand Islands

The stranded ship is an 'extra' tourist attraction for Thousand Islands boaters / from WWNY-TV

The Coast Guard says a big ship is stuck aground in the Thousand Islands. The 'Algobay' is a 740' corn carrier.

Coast Guard officials tell CNYcentral the ship lost power and drifted into the shallower water. Right now she is sitting on rocks, so it's not easy to get the ship out. Divers will have to go underwater to check out the bottom and see what can be done. A salvage plan still has to be decided on.

It appears the ship's cargo was not damaged. Coast Guard officials say the ship should not sink.

The 'Albogay' went aground about 9am Sunday morning. Her fuel tanks are above the water line and have not been punctured, though a containment boom has been sent just in case. The ship is aground near Singer Castle, aout .35 nautical miles west northwest of Light 165.

Investigation into the stranding continues.

You can see more on the Algobay from our Watertown sister station: