Shoop pleads guilty to rape and murder

Judge Joseph Fahey did not allow cameras inside his courtroom when Glen Shoop pleaded guilty to rape and murder Monday. Shoop murdered 65 year old Carol Nelson last July. Her body was found in a wooded area off Seventh North Street in Salina. Shoop also pleaded guilty to raping a woman on April 8th 2000 in East Syracuse. Shoop will be sentenced to 25 to life for the murder, plus 15 years for the rape, for a total of 40 years to life behind bars.

But the family of Carol Nelson is not satisfied. Nelson's son, Brad Beck told reporters, "What Glen Shoop did to my mother was especially heinous and gruesome to say the least. This monster deserves life without parole. Carol Nelson's children do not agree with this plea deal."

When Shoop murdered Carol Nelson, he was on the run. Shoop skipped bail after pleading guilty to unlawful imprisonment for a violent act against his wife.

"He should never have been let out on bail or my mother wouldn't be dead." said Tracey Nigro, Nelson's daughter. With tears in her eyes, Nigro added, " There's not a day that goes by that we don't think about this. You have to run it through your mind every single day."

Nelson's family say they wanted a trial even though it would expose lurid details of the murder. "He basically tortured my mother for I don't know how long. It's not fair he should have gotten life." Nigro explained.

Contacted by phone, District Attorney Bill Fitzpatrick says Nelson's family is "not unanimous" in disagreeing with the plea deal. The D.A. agreed it to because "there are serious serious issues regarding proof" in both cases. Fitzpatrick added even if Shoop is eligible at age 69, "a parole board is never going to let him out."

Shoop will be formally sentenced August 11th. Judge Fahey says he will make an "unequivocal" statement about the possibility of any future parole for Shoop. Fahey says cameras will be allowed at sentencing.