Shoop sentenced to 40 years

Throughout his sentencing, Glen Shoop hung his head and said nothing. He never looked at the family of Carol Nelson, one of his victims, even as Nelson's daughter Paige Archambeault repeatedly referred to him as a monster. "Here we are thrust into Glen Shoop's world." Archambeault said in court, "A normal loving mother and grandmother meets a monster, wrong place, wrong time."

On July first, 2007, Glen Shoop savagely attacked Carol Nelson as she was walking along Seventh North Street in Salina. He strangled the retired nurse after he sexually assaulted, beat, bit and burned her. Archambeault told Shoop, "our thoughts day and night will be a living nightmare of what she experienced that morning, over and over and over again forever."

At the time of the killing, Shoop had jumped bail while awaiting sentencing for attacking his own wife. It was not until after Carol Nelson's murder that police connected his dna to a rape at a laundramat in East Syracuse in 2000. Judge Joseph Fahey sentenced Shoop to 15 years for the rape eight years ago, and 25 to life for the Nelson murder, for a total of 40 years to life.

Fahey told Shoop, "In my judgement you should never ever be released from prison again."

Outside the courtroom, the family of Carol Nelson pushed for passage of a bill that would allow police to take dna samples from suspects at the time of arrest, much like a fingerprint. They claim such a law would have saved their mother's life. Stepdaughter Amelia Nigro says the family also wanted to put Shoop on trial and were upset he was allowed to plead guilty. "The criminal gets the choice. The victim gets nothing by death and torture and the family gets torture for the rest of their lives. hH should never see the light of day."

Shoop will conceivably be eligible for parole in 40 years. The children of Carol Nelson say that their children and their grandchilren will be at every parole hearing to make sure he never gets out.