Shoppers battle heavy traffic outside Destiny USA

Outside Destiny USA


t's the last weekend for people to get their Christmas shopping done and that means malls and shopping centers will be packed. Parking which is already difficult at most malls during the Holidays is going to get much tougher.

If you think about it, parking is like a game of chess. One car waits for a spot right up front, only to find out that second car is staying right there.

Al Roggie is headed to mall alongside thousands of others on Friday. "We're just here on a little mini vacation and we stopped here at the mall on the way to Pennsylvania," says Roggie. "Nobody has any patience, they're blowing their horns at you when you try to pull into a parking spot."

Everyone was going around and around and around, until they were able to swipe an open spot and get inside to ask Santa for their favorite Christmas present.

"It's Christmas time, so you just have to be patient," says Marchesia Cross. She was out with her daughter looking for presents. "Yea to get on 81 there was a paramedic, a firefighter, what was it? An Ambulance. There was no where to turn because it was bumper to bumper," says Cross.

With thousands of shoppers coming out here to the mall to hopefully find a premium parking spot. Other shopper say they'd rather avoid the traffic by walking from their home in Syracuse as they come to pick out a Christmas present.

Jacob Buchanan was coming from his home to do some Christmas shopping. "Beats the traffic and everything else, it's a waste of gas. We live on Apple Street, so it's not that far away, more easier to walk," says Buchanan.

Just one way some neighbors were avoiding being told checkmate for a spot right up front.