Shoppers react to possible P&C sale

Communities are reacting to the news that some local P&C stores could be sold to Price Chopper, while the fate of other Syracuse-area stores remains unclear.

P&C's parent company Penn Traffic filed for bankruptcy last month and was expecting to close all stores by Feb. 15, if not bid on by an outside buyer. However, Penn Traffic accepted a deal to sell 22 stores for $54 million late Tuesday.

Customers await the fate of the stores not bought by Price Chopper, including the Shop City P&C branch, where shoppers are upset the store is not on the list of stores to be purchased.

"I wish they would do something to save this store," said Ralph Johnson. "I don't know what I'll do without this store, it's going to be really hard but I hope things get better."

Colleen Casey lives near the store with her family, and says the possible store closure will be an inconvenience.

"I'll have to go to another store," she said. "It's a waste of gas and time and money that most people really don't have."

However, shoppers at stores being sold to Price Chopper are thankful to still have a local grocery store.

Kay Satterfield regularly shops at both the Manlius and Fayetteville P&C Fresh Markets, which are two stores Price Chopper is looking to buy.

"I think it's important that it is here because there really isn't any other grocery store (in the area)," she said. "As long as it's a neighborhood grocery store, I'm fine with it."

As the P&C brand fizzles out, some shoppers are happy to see the new company come in.

"I like Price Chopper. They seem to be fairly stable... never heard of any problems money-wise. I hope the employees are picked up by Price Chopper," said Jack Moffett. "It's been a long time coming (for P&C). It's the third time for them. Third time is not the charm for them."

Click here to view a map of the P&C stores which will possibly be purchased by Price Chopper.