Shoppers turning out to find Halloween costumes

Halloween stores are getting busy, as customers begin shopping for Halloween costumes.

Some customers went to stores because of their reputation in the area. "Everyone knows about Dougherty's," said Joshua Cross, who was at the store browsing for costume ideas.

One mom visited multiple costume shops on Friday night to help her daughter find a flamenco dancer costume. She realized that what she wants might not be in the area. "We'll just go online," said Denise Furlong of Cazenovia. "That's our next solution. We're looking everywhere."

Another shopper explained that the fun is mostly in the shopping. "I love costume shopping for Halloween," said Jessica Marie Coll of Syracuse. "There's nothing better than seeing all the different colors and the flare of all the Halloween spirit."

But costumes are not just in-demand during the Halloween season. "We have Christmas, elves, Santas, reindeer, snowmen; you name it, we have it," said Amy Militello, store manager at Dougherty's Masquerade in DeWitt. "And then after that, we have the Easter season. We rent out anywhere between 20-30 rental bunnies."

Aside from Dougherty's, several seasonal stores and party shops are busy selling costumes and helping people get ready for Halloween.