Should cheating on the SAT be a felony?

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A new bill in New York state would make cheating on the SAT college entrance test a felony. The bill is part of a legislative investigation into a scandal in an affluent New York City suburb.

The bill also calls for photo identification and other ways to prove the person taking the test matches the name of the person on the test. Other potential security measures include fingerprinting and retinal scans.

The measure was proposed by Sen. Kenneth LaValle of Suffolk County. He says, if the bill is passed, he expects it will trigger changes nationwide.

Legislative hearings were prompted by a scandal in Nassau County in September. Twenty people were accused of being involved in a cheating scheme in which imposters were paid $500 to $3600 to take tests in place of high schoolers.

Do you think cheating on the SAT should be considered a felony? What can schools do to tighten security? Post your comments below.

Information from the Associated Press was used in this report.