Should Cortland restrict number of political signs on lawns?

The City of Cortland tabled the proposed changes to its signs law Tuesday night. Barrie Gewanter, of the New York Civil Liberties Union, explained that city council put the amendment on hold to take a closer look at some concerns of the NYCLU.

The amendment was proposed in an answer to objections by civil libertarians who feel it is unconstitutional.

Since 2003, Cortland has had a little known law restricting political signs. People in Cortland are limited to one yard sign and a $10 for every additional sign. There is also restrictions on the size of the sign and how long it can stay up.

When the city threatened to enforce the law earlier this year, a number of neighbors complained to the NYCLU. Gewanter wrote to the City of Cortland recently threatening to take the city to federal court.

At the Cortland City Council meeting Tuesday night, Cortland Corporation Council Patrick Perfetti proposed a change to the law to better define what constitutes a political campaign sign, removing the one sign per household restriction, and doing away with the fees and penalties for additional signs.

Perfetti felt the amendment would "pass constitutional muster." Cortland City Council has scheduled a public hearing on October 4th to consider his proposed changes, in time for the November elections.

What do you think? Should Cortland restrict the number of political signs during an election season?