Should rubbing a pregnant woman's belly be illegal?

Have you ever wanted to rub a pregnant woman's belly? If you are in Pennsylvania, keep your hands off. It is against the law and you can be charged with harassment.

While some women say they are used to people feeling their pregnant bellies, some say it can be invasive. There are no laws on the books to prevent this from happening to pregnant women in New York, but in Pennsylvania women can actually press charges.

The issue came to light recently when a man was accused of being a repeat offender.

Many people are commenting about this story online.

"Is this REALLY what lawmakers in Pennsylvania spend their time mulling over? oh, for pregnancy's sake, I hope you can balance your budget on time this year," one person wrote.

"THANK GOD! New Jersey needs to adapt this. Don't touch me without my permission. ESPECIALLY if I'm pregnant," another said.

Do you think it should be illegal to touch a pregnant woman's belly? Leave your thoughts below.