Should the government fund public television? You weigh in

President Barack Obama's $3.73 trillion federal budget proposal , sent to Congress on Monday morning, includes cuts that would affect Central New Yorkers. The HEAP and LIHEAP programs , which provide heating assistance to the elderly and low income households, would be cut by almost 50%. HEAP, which stands for Home Energy Assistance Program, already 'sells out' every winter, even at current support levels. House Republicans are already on record, saying the cuts are not deep enough. Public broadcasting is one GOP target. $430 million in federal aid would be eliminated through budget cuts, and that would affect broadcasting operations locally at WCNY-TV channel 24 and its 'Classic FM' radio station. WCNY general manager Robert Daino already has appeals on the air, asking members and viewers to get in touch with Congressional representatives and express concerns over the proposed cuts. We want to know what you think about this. Should the federal government continue to financially support public television? Or should it be funded privately? Leave a comment below to tell us your opinion, and check back with CNY Central later in the day for more information on this story.