Should the Oswego County Sheriff's Department be handling the renewed investigation into Heidi Allen's disappearance?


Oswego County Sheriff's investigators search a remote area for any possible remains of Heidi Allen, some may question whether another outside agency should handle the investigation.

Revelations contained in a motion to release Gary Thibodeau accuse the Sheriff's Department and former Oswego County D.A. Donald Dodd of misconduct during the investigation into the 1994 disappearence. T

he 192 page motion claims they withheld key evidence from
Thibodeau's defense which would have reversed the jury verdict.


he motion


Investigators actually interviewed three newly revealed suspects

, J

Steen, Roger Breckenridge and Michael Bohrer back in 1994, but never turned that information over to the defense as required by law.


Allen was a confidential drug informant whose cover had been mistakenly blown by a sheriff's investigator, but again that information was not turned over to the defense.

-- In 2013,

when witnesses claimed
Steen, Breckenridge and Bohrer told others they killed Allen and hid her body, the Sheriff's Department did not do an adequate job of investigating.


ow that news reports have caused the
Oswego County Sheriff's Department to once again renew the search for Heidi Allen's remains, Thibodeau's public defender, Lisa Peebles told CNY Central's Jim Kenyon, "Obviously I would prefer that another law enforcement agency be involved, but the majority who are involved currently were not part of the initial investigation back in 1994. So I suspect they will continue to work professionally toward resolving and solving this case."


by phone Thursday afternoon, Oswego County Sheriff Reuel Todd was asked for his response to the legal papers seeking Thibodeau's release. Todd said: "They're the same claims we've heard for 20 years. so I have no comment. We're not going to fight this in the press. This is a matter for the court... not the press."

Former Oswego County D.A. Donald Dodd on Wednesday said there was "nothing I can properly say on the record." Dodd referred questions to the current District Attorney Gregory Oakes since he would be the one to officially respond to the motion papers.