Should the State Education Commissioner resign?

Embattled New York State Education Commissioner John King Jr. has drawn ire from parents and teachers over Common Core Standards, testing requirements and teacher evaluations. Now, New York State Allies for Public Education, an advocacy group that includes 42 other statewide parent organizations, is calling for him to quit his job.

"Commissioner King is guilty of promoting inequitable education policies that essentially create a different set of educational opportunities and experiences available to those with the means to afford private school and those who attend public school. This is an attack on the freedoms and rights that are afforded to every American citizen and on public education itself," the agency said on its website.

The group's effort comes just days after Commissioner King cancelled a slate of community forums on the Common Core following what he called "disruptions caused by the special interests" during the first meeting in Poughkeepsie. Video of that event shows parents shouting King down. On Tuesday, King told reporters in the Albany area it's clear that special interests are determined to manipulate the meetings.

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