Should the Village of Camillus dissolve into the town?

Robert Raufer says he enjoys the convenience of living in the Village of Camillus and having a local government, made up of his neighbors.

"They know where you are coming from when you talk to them. If you go to a town, now you have more people with all these worries and less of a chance for your problem to be resolved," said Raufer.

Next week voters will decide if they want to dissolve the village into the town. As you drive through neighborhoods in the .32 square mile village, you'll see signs supporting both sides. "I don't think they should dissolve it, the village has been here for god knows how many years, my parents grew up here, I grew up here. it's tradition," said Don Slonosky.

Some homeowners tell us taxes are too high, and they think dissolving will give them a needed break. The county comptroller says it will save the average homeowner at least $77 a year on their tax bill. But not included in that savings, is a million dollar incentive from the state, it's a grant available to any community that dissolves. And 70% of that money will go toward offsetting taxes, likely leading to even more savings.

A study by the county also says residents likely won't notice a change in services like garbage and fire coverage.

Voters will decide on dissolution at the polls on Tuesday, they will also choose a new mayor, and 3 trustees. If they decide to dissolve, the elected officials will be in charge of finalizing that dissolution plan, and implementing it.

You can read the report done by the Onondaga County Comptroller by clicking here.

What do you think about dissolution? Do you think the Village of Camillus should join the town?