Should welfare recipients be subject to drug testing?

Oswego County is offering itself up to become a pilot program for the drug testing of welfare recipients.

The Oswego County Legislature TMs Health and Human Services Committee recently passed a resolution to contact the State Department of Social Services and volunteer the county to test the effectiveness of drug testing welfare recipients as a condition to receive benefits.

"This is not about hurting honest people, said Legislator James Karasek, who sponsored the legislation.

He said Oswego County does not have a proper check and balance when people apply for welfare benefits.

Karasek said the impetus for this legislation was the recent arrest of Edward Lamar Moses, 32, who was wanted in South Carolina on a charge of attempted murder.

Moses was allegedly hiding out in Fulton and was receiving public assistance.

Oswego County has been in touch with Senator Patty Ritchie who is co-sponsoring legislation that would require drug tests for welfare recipients statewide.

What do you think about the notion of drug testing welfare recipients?