Show your love in a cup with Cafe Kubalâ??s coffee classes

Instead of buying flowers or candy this Valentine's Day, show your love with a cup of coffee.

Cafe Kubal is offering series of coffee classes, including one on "Latte Art," for those who want to give the coffee lover in their life something a little bit different this year.

The "Espresso & Milk" class teaches the art of using steamed milk to make everything from cappuccinos to lattes. The class includes lessons on how to make unique art designs out of steamed milk.

Cafe Kubal is also offering a "Coffee Brewing Basics" class and a "Coffee Cupping" for those looking to learn more about the different types of coffee or how to make the perfect cup at home.

Classes are offered at 4pm & 6pm on Thursday and 10am & 2pm on Saturday and will be taught by Cafe Kubal lead barista Chris Deferio.