Sick cats euthanized in Cortland animal neglect case

The house on Water Street in Cortland. / photo: Chris McGrath

Animal cruelty investigators continue looking into what they are calling one of the worst cases of animal neglect they've ever seen.

So far, they've rescued 22 cats from the Cortland home at 17 Water Street, where investigators say, an elderly woman and her son lived in filthy conditions.

Nine of the cats had to be euthanized because of feline leukemia or other serious health issues. Two of the kittens found are healthy, but nine other cats have serious dental issues, including rotted teeth.

Last week, the Cortland SPCA found the cats in the home. Authorities say the house was covered with feces on the floors and furniture.

Investigators say the woman and her son will likely not face animal cruelty charges, saying they have a difficult time taking care of themselves, let along the dozens of stray cats they took in from the neighborhood. Instead, authorities will recommend counseling and request that they don't own animals in the future.

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