Sick of the cold? No cure in sight!

Adams Center / Gary Barney

Are you getting tired of the snow and the cold? Or, are you happy that we have had an extended period of cold and snow because you are a ski enthusiast and love to snowboard. I want to hear what you have to say. Tell us your thoughts and feelings by commenting on the bottom of this web story after reading this.

Groundhog prediction or not, the weather will once again turn cold and snowy as soon as tonight. I can hear it already| 35 not cold?. Well, 35 is technically near to a little bit above normal. Plus, this morning and this evening TMs temperatures will be above the normal teens and 20s that you should normally expect. But, alas, that is about all of the good news I can squeeze out of this week for the temperature department.

Expect a new blast of arctic air to allow another polar plunge of swooshing winds and diving wind chills starting by Tuesday morning. Before that occurs, we TMve got some good old fashion general snowfall on the way late Monday afternoon and into Monday night. Initially the snow will melt due to above 32 temperatures. However, as we approach sunset and thereafter, the snow will begin to stick and should continue to do so overnight. With temperatures hanging around 30-32 between 7pm and 1am, the technical high temperature for Tuesday will be around these numbers. However, stronger northwesterly should send the mercury falling to about 20-25 by daybreak and down into the Teens during the afternoon. Wind chills will already be down to 5 to 15 above zero by Tuesday morning. These real feel numbers will continue to slide down to a frigid -5 to -15 below zero by the afternoon rush on Tuesday. Any untreated snowy roadways overnight will become more icy and difficult to navigate because the salt-brine mixture will not work as well as the thermometer plunges into the Teens. Expect about 1-3 of snow to occur between 4pm Monday and 7am Tuesday. After that, an additional 1-4 of snow appears likely between sunrise and sunset on Tuesday.

The wild card in all of this is developing lake effect snow across sections of central New York Tuesday afternoon and evening. While our computer models do not indicate a lot of snow falling during this period, they do indicate a well developed west-northwesterly wind flow that is very consistent. As deepening cold air invades central New York, there will likely be a lake effect response. The question remains is how dry the air will and will the snow be hooked up to any lake effect from Lake Huron and Georgian Bay. It is tough to say the answer to these questions right now. However, I am concerned enough that Tuesday afternoon and evening definitely bares watching. If you have any plans during this period, make sure to check back on Today In Central New York Tuesday morning for my latest forecast. For now, I expect these areas to have the best chance for heavier squalls between 1pm and 10pm Tuesday: Portions of Cayuga, Onondaga, Madison, southern Oswego, northern Chenango and Otsego counties. Squalls will then push further northbound to a position directly east of Lake Ontario later Tuesday night through Wednesday, Wednesday night and Thursday. That means sections of Jefferson, Lewis, northern Oswego, northern Oneida, and northern and central Herkimer counties will have a greater risk for lake effect snow late Tuesday night through Thursday. While central New York will catch additional sunshine, it will not be able to shake the cold. Expect the thermometer to struggle with morning low temperatures in the single digits and daytime highs in the upper teens to lower 20s.

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