Sign to be dedicated for fallen West Webster firefighters

The memory of West Webster volunteer firefighters Lieutenant Michael Chiapperini and Tomasz Kaczowka will continue to live on in the community they served and beyond.

On Monday morning, a sign will be dedicated in their honor on Lake Road in Webster.

On Christmas Eve, 2012, Lt. Chiapperini, 43, and Kaczowka, 19, were fatally shot when they responded to a fire 63-year-old William Spengler set at his lakeside home. Spengler opened fire on the responding officers.

Two other West Webster firefighters, Joseph Hofstetter and Ted Scardino, were wounded in the ambush attack.

Chiapperini, a 20-year veteran of the force, also served as a lieutenant with the Webster Police Department. He helped train young firefighters, including Kaczowka, who worked as a dispatcher in Monroe County.

The Badge of Honor Association, a non-profit organization in the Rochester area, will dedicate the sign.

The organization, started by a group of Rochester police offers, seeks to honor law enforcement officers killed in the line of duty in Western New York.

A ceremony dedicating the sign to Lt. Chiapperini and Kaczowka is scheduled for Monday, April 15 at 11 a.m.

Earlier this week, The Badge of Honor Association also dedicated a sign to Trooper Amanda Anna, who was killed in a crash in Hastings last year.