Simple precautions prevent TV related tragedies

Jeff Conley at Installations Unlimited shows how to secure a TV

Cecilia Fuller is looking at her television in a new light after an Eastwood toddler is crushed and killed by a falling TV set.

"It's a parent's worst nightmare to have something like that happen in the home," says Fuller.

The accident has Central New York parents on high alert, making sure their TV sets are secure to prevent similar tragedies.

"It did make me think about how we have our TVs and heavy objects. We don't have much hanging on the wall. But I did go back and check and make sure they're bolted down to the wall," says Fuller.

Technicians, like Jeff Conley at Installations Unlimited in North Syracuse, are specifically trained to properly secure your TV.

"Option number one would be on the wall mounted to the studs so its firmly on the wall and can't be pulled down and it doesn't fall off," says Conley.

And if you don't want to mount it permanently on the wall, there are stands which are built into an entertainment center. But if you don't have one of the newer flat screen TVs that can be secured with a flat panel mount, there is another affordable option. It's called an anti-tip strap. It only costs $20 and it's easy to install.

By taking these simple precautions, your TV will be a source of entertainment instead of a safety hazard.