Sinkhole forces boil water advisory throughout City of Fulton

The entire City of Fulton remains under a boil water advisory after a large sinkhole damaged one of the city's main water wells Saturday.

Mayor Ron Woodward tells CNYcentral's Jim Kenyon that the well was built in 1885 and remains one of the main providers of water for the city. The damage from the sinkhole caused higher turbidity throughout the city's entire water system.

Though the cloudy water, in and of itself, may not present a threat to health, Woodward says it could allow for the development of disease carrying bacteria and viruses.

He says the boil water advisory will remain in effect at least through Wednesday because the New York State Health Department requires two consecutive days of clean test results.

Mayor Woodward says the well is offline, and city residents are currently getting water from other sources. Woodward says once the city determines the extent of the damage, officials will decide on what future repairs are necessary.

Right now, Woodward says he sees no reason why the well should not be brought back on line.