Sister of 1982 murder victim is scared about killer's pending release

Lorrie Tily of Locke, wonders what it would be like if the members of the New York State Parole Board lived next to the man they just cleared for release from prison. "I don't think they did their jobs," Tily said to CNYCentral. "This man does not deserve to be out in public - I want to ask the parole board how they would feel if he moved in next door to one of them," she said.

Tily's sister, Sandra Olrich was stabbed to death by Howard Marnell in Jamesville in 1982. The murder was a case of "over kill" prosecutors say - Olrich was butchered to death after refusing Howard Marnell's sexual advances. Marnell was Olrich's brother-in-law. The family of both the victim and the killer have been fighting for weeks to keep Marnell locked up. On Friday afternoon, they learned they had been unsuccessful.

Marnell's exact relase date has not been revealed, but Sandra Olrich's family is bracing themselves for information on that next week. "I'm going to be looking over my shoulder, this does not give me an assurances whatsoever," Tily said. The family is especially concerned because they have been so vocal about fighitng Marnell's release. "If he wants to come after us, he'll come," Tily added.

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