Sizzling summery temperatures will approach record high levels Wednesday & Thursday



We have been telling you for several days that the warmest temperatures of the year so far would occur Wednesday and Thursday. New information into the CNYcentral weather center continues to show that at the very least. If anything, numbers look even warmer than previously thought.

After a seasonable day on Tuesday (Syracuse hit 70 degrees which is exactly near the normal high of 69), temperatures will skyrocket Wednesday and Thursday.

There are 3 warm weather record temperatures that are in jeopardy of being tied or possibly broken in Syracuse. Two of them are the record high temperature for the day and one is the record warmest low temperature for the day. Even if these numbers are not reached, Wednesday and Thursday will be the warmest days in 7 to 8 months. Let's take a look at the normal high temperature and the records coming up for Syracuse, Watertown and Ithaca.

Here are NORMAL high temperatures for our area for May 17 and 18:
~Syracuse’s normal high: 69 degrees
~Watertown’s normal high: 66 degrees
~Ithaca’s normal high: 68 degrees

Here are RECORD high temperatures for our area for May 17:
~Syracuse’s record high: 91 degrees set in 1977
~Watertown’s record high: 82 degrees set in 1989
~Ithaca’s record high: 89 degrees set in 1962

Here are RECORD warmest low temperatures for our area for May 18:
~Syracuse’s warmest low: 69 degrees set in 1906
~Watertown’s warmest low: 61 degrees set in 1999
~Ithaca’s warmest low: 63 degrees in 1911

Here are RECORD high temperatures for our area for May 18:
~Syracuse’s record high: 90 degrees set in 1962
~Watertown’s record high: 86 degrees set in 1949
~Ithaca’s record high: 89 degrees set in 1906

Here are some more warm weather statistics for Syracuse:
~Warmest day through May 16: April 27 (82 degrees)
~Last Time 83 or higher: September 22 (84 degrees)
~Last Time 85 or higher: September 10 (88 degrees)
~Last Time 90 or higher: August 28 (90 degrees)
~Last Time back to back 80 days: September 19 & 20 (80 & 84 degrees)

My forecast which you can find here shows the high temperature for Wednesday, the low temperature for Thursday and the high temperature for Friday are all going to be close to record levels. As shown above and by our weather graphics here and here, even if we do not hit a record for any of these, the temperatures we will see are 7 to 8 months in the making. We have not seen temperatures like this since September and possibly August if Syracuse reaches 90 degrees. After this, temperatures will be considerably cooler for Friday and then returning to closer to normal Saturday afternoon.

Show us how and if you are enjoying the summery weather. Perhaps, you would like to take a picture of your fun activity! If you do, you can always upload photos to our Burst application here by clicking "See It Send It" on our mobile app.

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