Skaneateles drug castle with blue roof auctioned for $1.55 million

Exterior view of so-called drug mansion in Skaneateles

Law enforcement agencies will pocket $1,550,000 from the sale of the so-called the Skaneateles drug castle.

The unfinished home on Westlake Road near the community of Mandana, was auctioned off by the federal government after its owner, Charles Ludwig Bloomquist, was convicted of money laundering, tax fraud and failure to report foreign bank accounts.

Since the house was built with drug money, Timothy Shanahan of the Internal Revenue Service says the money from the sale will go into a forfeiture fund. That fund will be used by law enforcement agencies to combat drug crimes.

The winner of the auction was Cosimo Zavaglia who owns AJF Construction. He told CNYCentralâ??s Jim Kenyon, that he intends to complete construction of the home and sell it.

Realtor Joseph Viscomi says depending on how well the place is finished, it could sell for as much as $3.5 million.