Skaneateles School Board accepts Tim Green's resignation

Shortly after Tuesday night's meeting of the Skaneateles School Board began, they were given a petition signed by several football players. The players asked the school board to refuse Tim Green's resignation and allow him to stay on as their coach. Green gave his resignation earlier this month. The football teams season was ended by Section III athletics after Skaneateles said an internal investigation showed improper recruiting techniques by unspecified coaches. Green hoped his resignation would allow Skaneateles to keep playing but the Lakers season was still cut short.

"Nobody will ever forget what he did for this team. 9-0 for the first time in Skaneateles history. For him to come out and do that is just incredible. From where we used to be...I think he'll be remembered forever," said senior captain Ryan Sherman.

Moments after the petition was submitted the school board voted to accept Green's resignation and have the district move on. Many parents knew it was coming but felt bad for the kids on the team. Parents said they didn't know what to tell their children who had their season cut short - even though they hadn't broken any rules.

"The boys had a hard time adjusting, they thought we're 9-0, ranked # 3 in the state, they were ready to move forward. It's been tough on all the boys and we just want to make sure it doesn't happen again," said Skaneateles parent Beth Martin.

"They really want the coaches to continue training them. Because they need the support of the coaches," said Christina Gray. "Our children are lost."

The board approved naming Green's assistant coach, Joseph Sindoni, as the interim head coach for the remainder of the season. It was a meaningful consolation for many of the parents and current players in the audience.

"Having those coaches, knowing they're coming back next year is definitely a big part of healing. Because I know the kids on the team - a lot of them wouldn't have played if those coaches didn't come back," said Sherman.

After the meeting the Skaneateles superintendent said the district does not plan on releasing the names of the two coaches involved with improper recruiting.