Skaneateles water tower may cost thousands to repair after vandalism

Skaneateles Water Tower Vandalism

When the Skaneateles Lakers play the Cazenovia Lakers, fans of both teams occasionally chant "We're the Lakers, you're the fakers." Now police in both villages are determining if the rivalry left the stadium and inspired someone to vandalize the water tower across the street from Skaneateles High School. Since 1985, "Home Of The Lakers" has been painted on the water tower. In mid-December, a vandal climbed up the water tower and painted over a section. It now reads "Home of the Fakers."

The village says it could cost two thousand dollars to sandblast the vandalism and re-paint the section with correct paint. On Thursday, Skaneateles High senior David Tanner said that whoever vandalized the tower was out of line

"Keep it low key - that took it a little too far," said Tanner.

A small logo of a "C" with two small eyes was also painted on the water tower. Several people said that symbol represents Cazenovia. A similar symbol was painted around the Cazenovia portion of a sign leading out of Skaneateles.

"Cazenovia Police and I are both working on this and trying to look in the schools, seeing if we can find any information at all," said Skaneateles Police Sgt. Martin Stevens.

The vandal or vandals could face felony criminal mischief charges dye to amount of damage.

Cazenovia's school superintendent says he is aware of the damage but doesn't have any information that indicates current Cazenovia students were involved.

Police say it is too dangerous right now to send a professional up to repair the damage. Stevens warned everyone to stay away to stay away from the water tower. in Skaneateles today, several people said they hoped the vandals would be caught - and the rivalry would stick to sporting events.

"There are consequences that are very serious so hopefully people will take hold of that and eventually pay attention to it," said Skaneateles neighbor John Buterbaugh.