Ski resorts and their skiers hoping for snowy winter

Local skiers rejoiced at the sight of Greek Peak Ski Resort on Saturday, as snow about seven days in the making covered the grounds.

But, the pretty sight was not always a sure thing this year, as after the ski resort declared bankruptcy in August, questions remained about whether or not the resort would be open for the 2012-2013 ski season.

By being one of the only resorts open on Saturday, the resort was trying to reassure their skiers that they would continue to provide a place to ski this season.

"There was a lot of doubt," Wesley Kryger, Greek Peak V.P. of Operations says. "The fact that we're open and we're here on today's day one gives the skiers and riders the assurance that we're here and going to continue operations."

By taking advantage of cold temperatures, they made snow leading up to Saturday, providing for a good base for the three open trails, much to the skiers delight.

"We've been waiting for it all summer since the last day of ski season," Landon Rozewski, a Cortland resident, says.

Saturday's early opening gave the skiers a chance to let out all of their frustration of not only having to wait to ski during the summer months, but also take advantage of snow, something that was hard to come by last season.

"It almost wasn't even worth it to even go last year," Brittney Kovary, who's been skiing for years, says. "I didn't even buy a season pass the last two years because there wasn't much snow."

In a business that depends on the weather, all of the local ski resorts and their skiers hope that this season will be filled with snow.