Slick roads and driveways change your day

Watch your step on this sidewalk


oday started like any other day Jonathan Kahn of Manlius and then he went outside. Freezing rain iced over much of Central New York today. Like many of us -- this was the first time that Jonathan experienced freezing rain this season. This left him to have to scrape off that extra layer of ice on top of the snow on his car before he left his house. He slipped as he was shoveling his way out today, but nothing major happened. He can count himself lucky that nothing worse happened than banging his knee.

"If it had been a couple hours later and there was more rain and it got colder and the ice actually settled, I could've had a pretty big fall," says Kahn. "If I didn't shovel my driveway as well as I normally did, there's no way I'd be able to get up my driveway so it was an extra 20 minutes before I could leave... having to do that (and) scrape everything off."

Jonathan's father, Dr. Jeffrey Kahn, noticed that the roads weren't the best condition during his commute. "Getting onto route 481, there were some slippery conditions on the ramps which improved once I was on the highway itself," says Kahn. "This is the time of the year when it is more important to arrive safely then it is to arrive quickly."

Accidents littered Central New York on these slick roads making some unlucky cars go into a ditch. To avoid that always stay a good distance behind the car in front of you. To avoid slipping on your driveway like Jonathan, watch your step.