Small Business Saturday adding a 'buy local' touch to holiday shopping

With Black Friday and its long lines and crowds in the books, Small Business Saturday moved at a slightly slower pace on Saturday.

Small businesses saw shoppers browse through their aisles, many store owners saying they saw a jump in sales. Those owners say the biggest difference between Black Friday and Small Business Saturday is the fact that there is a personal touch to every item sold.

"At those venues the stress is more, more, more, get as much as you can, this is the opposite, it's more quality than quantity," Deborah Dougherty Wester, a member of the store Cazenovia Artisans, says.

Along with several other local artists, Wester contributes several of the paintings sold at Cazenovia Artisans, and says that each painting sold is something special for both her and the customer.

"It's a wonderful compliment," Wester says. "It's probably as good as it gets, as a piece of yourself is going out there in the world."