SNAP benefit cuts affecting recipients in Syracuse

Beginning November 1st, the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, or SNAP, will be cutting benefits to all recipients.

The cuts are hurting many in Central New York. â??Without snap, I wouldnâ??t eat,â?? said Jeffrey Kopera of Clay, who is on permanent disability and relies on SNAP.

It's gonna change a lot," said Kopera. "Instead of getting like, 10 meals, I'm gonna get six or seven.

The cuts are a result of a recession-era benefits boost that's expiring. Forty-eight million people depend on the program to keep from going hungry. Catherine Beyor of Syracuse relies on SNAP to feed her two grandchildren.

â??They're not gonna get like, snacks to take to schoolâ?¦We can just barely make it now on meals a day,â?? explained Beyor.

One analysis from The Center on Budget and Policy Priorities says the change will mean people receive about $1.40 on average per meal, down from $1.50 on average.

The cuts come as lawmakers on Capitol Hill debate slashing billions from the overall SNAP budget.