Snap out of the winter blues with tips to overcome winter anxiety

Courtesy NBC News

Are you tired of the bitter cold and snow, sick of ice and slush, and wish you could just snap your fingers and make it warm again? If only it was that easy.

Dr. Frank McGeorge goes over some easy ways to help you banish the winter blues until summer comes around.

It might be March, but itâ??s cold, gray and most of us wish we could just snap our fingers and make it summer.

Winter hasn't released us from its cold, gray grip, but look around and you'll see dads, daughters, and yes, dogs, determined to welcome spring as soon as it arrives.

If you're ready to shake the winter blahs, experts say start by getting more light.

Get outside, or at least open the shades. Even small amounts of sunlight will boost your mood and help reset your body clock from any lingering effects of the time change.

Outdoor exercise will also help send any "winter weight" packing.

April showers bring May flowers, but you don't have to wait for Mother Nature to take advantage of some petal power.

A Harvard study found that having fresh flowers around can reduce anxiety. Treat yourself to a bunch or surprise someone else who needs a lift.

While you're brightening things up, pack away the black and gray, and try a little "color therapy".

Research finds yellow is often associated with sunshine and openness.

Orange evokes action, vitality, and endurance, and the color green symbolizes new growth, fresh beginnings, and relaxation.

It sounds like just the thing to help us hurry along the start of spring.

(Information courtesy NBC News)