Sneak Peek at Future of Flying Newsroom Drones

A consumer brand AR.drone

In two years, you can expect the skies above you to look a little more futuristic when commercial air drones become legal. The public got sneak peek at the future this Wednesday at SU's's Newhouse School of Public Communications as they demonstrate how unmanned aircraft will change journalism and the news you receive.

The technology for commercial drone use already exists but the FAA laws regulating their use don't go into effect until 2015. The Modernization and Reform Act of 2012 was passed to open up the airspace and have regulations in place to make sure the system works.

Many businesses and organizations are planning how they will use drones including utilities, real estate agents, police forces, and newsrooms. Larger television markets have had helicopters for years in order to bring live aerial video from the scene of breaking news. But what if smaller news markets could have the same abilities at a cheaper cost?

Participants were able to test drive A.R. Parrot 2.0 drone the public event demonstrating how they work.