Sno Top now serving scoops of summer

First customers of the season

As warmer weather convinces Central New York to trade in snow shovels for ice cream scoops, many local ice cream stores are back in business.

Some shop owners say serving those first cones and dishes is an unofficial sign of summer.

"Little league starts right behind us," says Vincent Giordano, owner of the Sno Top in Manlius. "It's real good times, everybody's thinking about it."

The Sno Top has been a village staple since the 1940's, though not always in its Fayette Street location. Giordano says the shop used to sit closer to the pond.

Every year since, faithful customers await the return of their favorite flavors and flurries.

"Up until this year we had a young lady that was the first customer every year. She'd sit out their in her lawn chair with a blanket, cause it's cold out, waiting to be the first customer," says Giordano.

This year, that woman is involved in a theatrical production out of town. Giordano says rehearsals kept her from tradition.

Nevertheless, when the ice cream shop officially opened on March 16, a family of three indulged in the first cones of the season.

Giordano attributes Sno Topâ??s popularity and success to how the shop has adapted to ice cream trends. It has fan-favorites like chocolate and vanilla, but makes its own concoctions too.

"Everything you can find at Ben and Jerry's, you can find here," Giordano says.

The Sno Top is open everyday from 11 a.m. Until 9 p.m.