Snow clears in Adams just in time for ladies' weekly lunch date at Gram's Diner

Ladies share snow stories during weekly lunch date at Gram's Diner in Adams.

Every Thursday you can find Julie Panetta, Nancy Adams, Betty Towles, and Pamela Jones sitting at Gram's Diner in Adams having lunch together, but this week they were afraid they'd have to break the tradition.

"We're here for two or three hours, sitting, eating, talking, having a grand old time," says Panetta.

"I was hoping it would clear up by Thursday so we could get to lunch," says Adams.

Luckily, the snow did clear in time, but this is the first time these ladies have left their homes in days.

"This is the first time I've been out since Sunday," says Towles.

To keep customers and staff safe, Gram's owner Kyle Hayes decided to close the diner during the storm.

"We just made the decision that everyone would be better staying at home. We didn't want customers out in it. We didn't want staff out in it. So we just made the decision based on the weather conditions for that day," says Hayes.

Now that everyone is back out, it's time for snow stories.

"Well most of the time we couldn't see our neighbor across the street and I don't like when it gets like that because it gets too closed in," says Towles.

"We plowed the driveway Tuesday night and Wednesday morning you got up and you wouldn't know we touched it," says Adams.

Just down the road in the small town of Rodman, neighbors are just starting to dig themselves out after being buried by five feet of snow. While that sounds like a lot, the ladies who lunch say they've seen worse.

"This is kind of what it used to be in the olden days. The old folks don't mind it. The young folks think it's horrible but it's not," says Panetta.

"Everybody helps everybody and I don't know I enjoy it. I have fun," says Jones.


it may be cold

but these ladies stay warm with a hot cup of coffee and memories of the way winter used to be.