Snow is here. Do you love it or hate it?

Snowfall in Pompey Thursday evening / photo: Caitlin Nuclo

It was a clash of the seasons Thursday night in Pompey as snow covered bright leaves, that have yet to fall from the trees. Some say it's a sign, this winter weather has come too soon.

"I didn't think it was going to be this severe, thought some frost on the ground or a little snow, but not this much this soon," said Tim Mckallip. "I was driving around and it looks like mid-December."

While some are feeling a bit bitter about the cold, others say they are ready. Mark Harris, sporting a sleeveless shirt as he pumped gas, wasn't dressed for the weather and said he wasn't cold either. "I kind of like winter. I try not to get bothered by the weather, I've seen an awful lot of seasons and they always change drastically," he said.

A few inches of the white stuff blanketed fields, cars and trees south of Syracuse including Lafeyette, Homer and Otisco. You shared pictures with us on our CNY Central Facebook page. Not much was sticking to the roads, like Route 20 through Pompey. But there was enough to bring out the plows to clear streets for drivers, who haven't trekked through this in months.

"I like being out in the snow but I don't like driving in the snow. It's definitely dangerous and I commute a half hour," said Ed Yackel. "It's the start of the season, and you just have to be ready for whatever from here on out." A chilling reminder that more of this is right around the corner. But winter doesn't officially start for another 2 months.

What do you think of this first snowfall? Are the flakes falling too soon? Are you a fan of old man winter? Leave a comment below.