Snow is unwelcome in the fishing business in Pulaski


alk around All Seasons Sports during Salmon Season in the fall and you'd have to fight hundreds of people each day just to get to the check out counter.

Kayla Wisner works at All Seasons Sports at their check out line. "A couple weeks ago it was like steady, not during salmon season, salmon season is really busy, but it's been steady," Wisner.

After seeing four winters come and go as the manager of this bait and tackle shop, all you need to do is ask Ben Barry about how his business is doing right now with all this snow.

"It's definitely slower, a lot of people don't come in to go fishing on the river just because it's harder to get in there," says Barry.

Barry says there's been less a dozen people come in and look around all day long, just as the ice fishing season starts getting underway.

"Today, very slow, very few people in the store. When everybody knows the snow is closing they kind of dwindle away for a few days," says Barry.

"Really slow, there's nothing to do. I mean we've had a couple customers, they just want propane though," says Wisner.

For those who are familiar with ice fishing, they say it's not so much the snow itself which hinders them, but the people who come outdoors once the snowflakes fly.

Chris Gatley was taking care of some business for an upcoming fishing show at All Seasons Sports. "I think snow on the ice allows people to start running snowmobiles and things on the ice and fish get skiddish, I don't think it helps," says Chris Gatley.

With multiple seasons running at one time, the snow affects more than those looking to ice fish on one of the local lakes or ponds. This shop is still in the later stages of steelhead season, but this snow only makes casting a lure out along the salmon river up in Pulaski that much harder.

"It builds up slush and makes it harder to get in there and fish," says Barry.