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      Snowmobilers ready to ride!

      Snowmobilers are hopeful that the latest snows mean 'their' season is here. But they have not been idle, waiting for winter to arrive.Tim Taylor, a director of the Onondaga County Snowmobilers' Association and active in the statewide organization, says there are always trails to clear--though he hopes everyone's been doing a snow prayer or two, as well.The groups have some reminders: {>}It makes sense to belong to the organization where you ride, because you'll get good information on trails and hazards.{>}Most trails (Onondaga County has 225 miles' worth, plus the club's trails) are on private land--offend the landowner and no one will be able to ride!{>}Know the hazards before you go! Riding on water can be dangerous--even if there's a track across the ice it may not be safe.Newly ploughed fields can also be bumpy.{>}Keep up your safety skills. If you're a young person you're mandated to take snowmobile safety classes. They don't hurt for older riders, too, especially because the technology keeps changing.

      For more information: the New York State Snowmobile Association has lists of local clubs, safety tips and more.