Snowy weather brings relief to businesses

It's a sigh of relief for businesses in Central New York that rely on winter weather.

Several inches of fresh snow was more than welcome at Four Seasons Golf and Ski Center in Fayetteville. The slopes were packed all day as folks dusted off skis, snowboards and snow tubes.

But the blast of winter weather comes a little late in the game.

Owner John Goodfellow said he's already lost a third of his season because of the overall lack of snowfall.

"You'll never make up for it in this business, what's lost is lost," Goodfellow said.

It's been sort of a double whammy for Four Seasons this winter.

Goodfellow said he's pumped about $60,000 worth of man-made snow onto his Fayetteville hills, but it's been hard to convince people he's been open for business.

"People would call and were surprised we were open," he said.

Now Goodfellow hopes Mother Nature gets back on her winter track and starts delivering snow. He said he's seen it before.

"Four years ago we didn't have snow and didn't open until January 23rd but we still had a good finish that year," he said. "So that's what I'm hoping for this year. February is a strong month...and even March."

In the meantime, Goodfellow will have his eyes glued to the forecast.

"Daily, hourly at times,:" he said.