Soaking wet weather in CNY leads to abundance of mushrooms

Mushrooms thrive in wet weather.

So it's no surprise that experts in the Northeast say they've seen an increase in mushrooms this year, including in Onondaga County.

According to the National Weather Service, Syracuse received more than 13 inches of rainfall in August and September -- more than seven inches above normal.

Mycologist David Fischer said it was the perfect storm.

"We just had a huge bounty, the forests were loaded, the lawns were loaded -- people's wood chip mulch was loaded with mushroom specimens," Fischer said.

Loaded with mushrooms you can eat, and ones that can kill you.

We asked Fischer to show us different types of mushrooms commonly found growing in the woods across Central New York. In just 30 minutes, we came across mushrooms that are edible, ones that will make you sick, and even some that are deadly if eaten.

But how should you go about picking wild mushrooms?

Fischer said you need to be careful, and properly identify any mushroom before eating it. There are about 100 edible mushrooms in Central New York, but just as many will make you sick -- a handful are deadly.

Fischer said he will help you determine which mushrooms are safe if you submit a photo to his website.

Another resource, he said, is the Upstate Poison Control Center.