Socci family respects the judges decision to toss out indictment

Today in Cayuga County court a judge dismissed the indictment that charged David McNamara with the murder of Kaite Socci. McNamara is the only suspect in the Soccie case. The motion to dismiss the indictment claims McNamara was never given the opportunity to attend the Grand Jury proceedings, or testify before the panel. The DA must bring charges back to the Grand Jury.

Tonight John and Tina Socci posted this statement on Facebook:

"I just want people to know what happened today. An indictment was vacated. The defense filed a vague request back in mid June which requested that they be notified should their client face further grand jury action. The law requires that the request be specific and timely, it was not. However, all must realize that the law is subject to interpretation. Almost nothing is written in stone. Our ...DA's office did nothing wrong. Our law enforcement did nothing wrong. The judge did the proper thing by protecting the integrity of the proceedings, in other words he is eliminating the possibility of a later reversal due to a different interpretation. The evidence remains, the criminal will be re-indicted, either by a grand jury or appeal of today's decision. We would rather have a rock solid conviction, with no chance of reversal, even if it takes longer. We are not bitter, please don't criticize our local officials. They have worked tirelessly during this whole ordeal and have our undivided trust and confidence. "

Sincerely, John & Tina

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