Sodus Point home in danger of falling into Lake Ontario

(WHAM photo)

Rochester, N.Y. – The rising level of Lake Ontario is threatening to claim another waterfront home – this one in Sodus Point.

Up and down the lakeshore, people are worried about their neighbors, their own property and their community.

One of those homes – a lakefront property off of Lake Road – is on the brink of falling in, with the crumbling land nearby being eaten away by rising waters. It’s a sight has left residents on edge.

“It’s horrifying, just the thought people work hard to have properties around here, and some of them are losing them, or they’re having damage to their properties,” said neighbor Karen Shughart.

“If we have this flooding for the next six weeks, it will generally be a disaster for Sodus Point,” said neighbor Jim Rudd. “We depend on good weather and good water.”

13WHAM reached out to the owner of the Sodus Point home in danger of falling into the lake but we have yet to hear back.

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