Solvay baby needs liver transplant to fight rare, life-threatening disease

Daniella suffers from a rare, life threatening disease called biliary artesia.

At first glance, Daniella looks like a healthy, beautiful baby girl, but if you take a closer look, you can see the yellow tint in her eyes and skin. She was born with a rare life threatening disease called biliary atresia that caused her liver to fail.

At just ten-weeks-old, she had a seven hour surgery to remove her gallbladder and attach her small intestine to her liver. Her mother, Christine Lariviere says it saved her life.

"That's what saved her life for now, but it's not working the way it's supposed to. The damage has already been done to her liver. It should have been caught earlier," says Lariviere.

Now at nine-months-old, Daniella needs a liver transplant.

"There's no cause there's no cure. It just ends with a liver transplant and that's what were waiting for is a liver," says Lariviere.

Daniella only leave the home for doctors appointments because the day her parents get that phone call telling them a liver is ready for her, if she has any type of illness, even a common cold, she wont be able to get the transplant.

While waiting for the phone to ring, her father David Disque does whatever he can to keep her comfortable.

"You sing with her, you walk with her, you dance with her, you try to make her laugh. Try to make her as comfortable as possible to get her through the night, to get her to sleep," says Disque.

There will be a benefit Saturday, February 8 and to help raise funds to defray medical costs as well as other non-covered costs associated with travel, lodging, and expenses to and from the Children's Hospital in Pittsburgh where the procedure will take place and where her parents will need to stay for six months during Daniella's recovery.

Donations for those unable to attend can be made at this website.