Solvay neighbors complain of sloppy garbage trucks. Feher Rubbish Removal may lose contract


number of neighbors in
the Village of Solvay accuse Feher Rubbish Removal trucks of littering the streets with rotting garbage and a liquid slime that stinks up the neighborhood. Robin Houghmaster says she often has to cleanup after the garbage truck goes by. "It's disgusting. I have grandchildren who ride their bikes but they can't ride their bikes until we use the bleach and the brush broom and clean up all the stuff." Houghmaster told CNY Central's Jim Kenyon Tuesday.

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Bosco says she's complained about Feher Rubbish Removal for the past two years. Yesterday she took video of the truck which skipped by her home until she says the driver realized he was caught on camera. He's seen backing up the truck and picking up some, but not all of her trash. "The taxpayers are paying for a service and they're getting substandard service. it's now a health risk." Bosco says.


osco says the worst incident occurred last month.
She claims the Feher employee threw a garbage bag and splashed slop all over her new Jeep. Bosco paid a body shop $70.00 to rub out the finish. Bosco says the people at Feher Rubbish Removal don't pay attention to her complaints. "When I call Feher, he refuses to answer my phone calls"


Feher senior told CNY Central that his company "services 100,000 customers a week and we don't get many complaints." He says the spillage is caused when people don't put lids on their trash containers and they fill with rain water which mixes with the garbage in the truck. "When you go down a hill, it's like a wave when you stop. It comes out." Feher says "We're going to the dump more frequently to try to eliminate the problem."


osco says it's time for the
Village of Solvay to terminate its contract with Feher Rubbish Removal. Mayor Ron Benedetti says overall Feher's service "has been good", but says he's not satisfied with the lack of response to his many calls to correct the problems. "Some of the complaints are absolutely legitimate with the trash being left on the street and things of that nature...absolutely unacceptable to this village."


Benedetti says when Feher's $310,000 annual contract is up at the end of this year, Solvay will seek bids for new trash hauler. Feher says it doesn't matter who Solvay chooses as its new hauler, "there will always be a problem as long as people refuse to put lids on their trash containers."

Feher says he does not know how Bosco's car was damaged but he says his company is not responsible. Never the less Feher says he will pay for Bosco's claim.