Solvay victim stabbed 42 times and had no idea his wife was suspect

Solvay Police say the man who was attacked last month was stabbed 42 times and shot once. Investigators also revealed Thursday evening the victim, Michael LaPoint had no idea that his wife Virgina has been the focus of the investigation for the past month. LaPoint, who has since recovered from his injuries, accompanied his wife to Solvay Police today where detectives broke the news to him that they were about to arrest his wife for trying to kill him.

"Coming in today, he had no knowledge of the investigation into his wife," Sergeant Derek Osbeck told CBS 5's Michael Benny. "It was very difficult to tell him that his injuries were sustained by someone who he believed loved him - not to mention the impact that this will have on the children they share together," Osbeck added. Michael LaPoint was shot in the shoulder and stabbed dozens of times in the back, chest and abdomen.

Virigina LaPoint is now charged with attempted murder. The attack happened May 4th at 217 William Street in the village. She faces charges of attempted 2nd Degree Murder, 1st Degree Assault, Conspiracy 2nd Degree and Criminal Possession of a Weapon 3rd Degree.

At the time of the incident in May, Solvay Police arrested 42-year-old John Conway. He was charged with attempted murder 2nd degree, assault 1st degree, criminal possession of weapon 2nd, 3rd and 4th degrees.

Over the past couple of weeks police say they were able to come up with enough coroboration to charge Virginia LaPoint with being complicit and involved in the assault on her husband. Investigators say she was not an active participant in the shooting or the dozens of stab wounds, but they say she was part of the planning of the crime and had full knowledge of it.

Investigators have ruled out a murder for hire case. "There is definitely a relationship between both suspects, but the extent of that relationship is not 100% in our minds right now," Sgt. Osbeck said. As for why police believe LaPoint wanted her husband dead? "We believe in the motive and the opportunity, but we can't talk about that yet," Osbeck said.