Some colleges using Facebook to screen students

The advent of social media means people need to be more careful of how they project themselves online.

The numbers can vary, but some studies say up to 85% of employers are using social media as part of the background check for potential employees.

But it's not just employers using the web to gauge who they're hiring anymore.

A study by Kaplan Test Prep says almost a quarter of college admissions offices are now taking to Facebook and other social media to determine if they want to allow students in. That is almost a 20% jump from last year, where only 6% of colleges admitted to searching applicants on Facebook.

While signs indicate this may become a popular trend in admissions offices, some schools CNY Central spoke with this morning don't think it's fair,

"That's not something the students submits to us so therefore it's none of our business," said an admissions officer we spoke with from SUNY ESF.

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